Androgen deficiency treatment

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All treatment is not equal. At Family Medicine Clinic of Federal Way we strive to provide the highest quality care available.  This is especially true for our patients suffering from testosterone deficiency, aka Androgen Deficiency or Low T.  Hormone replacement is not without potential risks.  Thorough evaluations are required to ensure some underlying health condition isn't being missed as the cause of low testosterone.  This requires more than a simple testosterone test.  Additionally, if you find yourself a candidate for therapy, effective and safe management requires additional regularly scheduled lab testing.  This means a few visits a year, which are usually covered by insurance, to make sure your therapy is customized and managed in a responsible manner Read More

Hi Dr. Please could you help me. I am experiencing growth of thicker and darker chin hairs for the past year. When I was pregnant I also lost some hair (4 yrs ago) and it has not totally grown back. My periods are regular and I have not been on birth control for 10 years. What’s interesting from your advice is that you mention all this could be linked to androgens and genes and maybe cortisol and adrenal function. My 8 year old son had high levels of testosterone inside him due to a tumour on his adrenal gland which was removed 2 yrs ago. He now gets puberty hairs even though no test shows testosterone inside him. I also give him cortisol every day as well (as his adrenal gland needs help making this). So I’m wondering if touching the cortisol might have an effect on my androgen levels and why it seems both of us have male type hair when it’s not appropriate? Also would it be wise for both of us to stop drinking the tap water as we maybe ingesting the pill from that?
I’ve done a thyroid test but no problem.

Androgen deficiency treatment

androgen deficiency treatment


androgen deficiency treatmentandrogen deficiency treatmentandrogen deficiency treatmentandrogen deficiency treatmentandrogen deficiency treatment