Astaxanthin and testosterone

Optimum HW™ (Healthy Weight) is a multi-nutrient supplement with real ingredients to assist in the management of easy keepers and metabolic horses. It provides a wide range of important vitamins and minerals from plants including chelated minerals, amino acids, the B-complex including B-12, sulfur and vitamin E. It also provides selenium yeast, a bioavailable form of selenium; and astaxanthin, a super antioxidant. Optimum HW™ also includes a special blend that supports healthy endothelial function, supports healthy blood glucose, a healthy lipid profile, and supports the production of ATP for energy and stamina.

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Natural astaxanthin not only affects the COX 2 pathway, it suppresses serum levels of nitric oxide, interleukin 1B, prostaglandin E2, C Reactive Protein (CRP) and TNF-alpha (tumor necrosis factor alpha), and all of this has been proven. [1] Natural astaxanthin was shown to reduce CRP by more than 20 percent in only eight weeks; there is not a prescription drug I know of that does that! [21] Even the American Heart Association claims CRP is a key indicator of heart disease. [22]

2. Astaxanthin Helps Fight Fatigue
Astaxanthin provides excellent recovery from exercise. [17] Just like salmon making the heroic upstream swim, astaxanthin can help athletes do their best. Pure natural astaxanthin is indicated for recovery of muscles, better endurance, enhanced strength and improved energy levels. [18, 19, 20] 

Astaxanthin and testosterone

astaxanthin and testosterone


astaxanthin and testosteroneastaxanthin and testosteroneastaxanthin and testosteroneastaxanthin and testosteroneastaxanthin and testosterone