Boosting testosterone over 40

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If you do everything else right, but fail to get enough sleep, your testosterone results will be severely limited ( 68 ).

The majority of your testosterone is produced while you sleep ( 69 ), and a lack of sleep inhibits its production ( 70 ).

Sleep deprivation is also associated with higher levels of body fat ( 71 , 72 ). This relationship holds true even after controlling for demographic, lifestyle, work and health related factors ( 73 ).

Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

It’s not only the quantity of sleep that matters but also the quality.

Testosterone production peaks during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep ( 74 ).

Hi Abel, my husband and I have been following your program since the beginning of March, so far he is down 60lbs and I am down 30. WOOT! We about half way to our weight loss goals. But this is so much more than just weight loss, it is about a more joyful life… do you agree? My question is this, we both have hormonal imbalances, low testosterone and low estrogen (I am 48 my husband is 53) Do you have any suggestions for meal plans that would put our perspective hormones back in line without messing up our spouse too much. Right now we are taking maca… it has helped me tremendously , my husband has not experienced much of a change. (we have been taking it for 3weeks) any help would be appreciated. Thank you and your sweet wife, Alison for all of your guidance so far, you have changed our lives☺

Boosting testosterone over 40

boosting testosterone over 40


boosting testosterone over 40boosting testosterone over 40boosting testosterone over 40boosting testosterone over 40boosting testosterone over 40