Eq before or after effects

I have a question. I play in a metal band, it’s really thrashy black metal/death metal fusion kinda stuff. We tune down to drop A. We love the sound of such a low tuning, but when it comes to recording, we’re having problems getting the bass right. Those same low mids you recommend cutting absolutely dominate the sound, and there’s very little sub – it’s all barky, muddy mids that doesn’t cut through the mix, and no push, no warmth, no thickness. The bassist uses good, thick strings and changes them regularly. He’s had it set up at a shop. He’s using some pretty fancy EMG pickups. But no amount of EQ, compression, mild distortion – nothing – seems to fix it. What would you recommend we do to fatten up the low end and add some serious heaviness, and get rid of the gross low mids? We’re doing DI for the bass, but can use an amp and mic. Though we’ve already tried that too, and still had the same problems.

General comments : The technology seems better suited for 1995. Created an account and completed the verification process, and after my first transfer of funds it locked me out of my account. The guy who answers the phone (calling them customer service would be a disservice to those actually in the business) could not explain why my account was locked. Spent more time on the phone unlocking my account than I had invested in doing business with them at that point. The reason why I prefer online tools is to avoid spending time on the phone with dotards. Way too many solid online options to have to bother with EQs nonsense. Needless to say - account closed.

“ I love using the H-EQ for both forensic subtractive EQ on an individual instrument, as well as over the mix buss to push the tonal qualities of a mix. Having the guide analysis showing the ‘before’ and ‘after’ is really useful. Recently I’ve been using it to accentuate the tonal quality on an orchestral track with lots of ribbon mics, including for the lead vocal. I was going for that old-fashioned, dark ribbon tone for the overall mix, and I used the H-EQ over the mix buss to emphasize this while controlling the output level. ”

Eq before or after effects

eq before or after effects


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