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All comparison operators except the containment operators (-contains, -notcontains) and type operators (-is, -isnot) return a Boolean value when the input to the operator (the value on the left side of the operator) is a single value (a scalar). When the input is a collection of values , the containment operators and the type operators return any matching values. If there are no matches in a collection, these operators do not return anything. The containment operators and type operators always return a Boolean value.

The coordinate system used for determining the location of a painting mark places the origin in the lower left corner of the pa by default. The scale is 72 units per inch, with the x coordinate increasing in a rightward direction and the y coordinate increasing in an upward direction. The program may scale, rotate, or translate the coordinate system as pleased as long as the transformation is linear. The size of the page depends on the output device. Although the origin is by default the lower left corner of the physical page, some printers cannot print on the margin of the page; such printers cannot place a mark at or near the origin. The portions of marks which are outside the renderable window of the output device are ignored.

Eq test stack

eq test stack


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