Eq2wire profiles

At the top left is the player window. It displays your character's health, power, and concentration. These three colored bars will change in real-time whenever you become hurt or heal, and whenever you consume or replenish your mental resources. You'll refer to this information frequently to judge how healthy or distressed your character is, because it's never a good idea to let your character die. Beside your character's info will be the same information about your enemy, if you have selected one. These are discussed in more detail in the Beginner Guides on Understanding Your Character and Understanding Your Enemy .

Now if we can just get a solution for Colorblind players. Perhaps a Tint setting in-game, or a config file “eq2_” that players can add a list of zones identified as having a lot of red or green tints which are basically invisible to strongly red-green colorblind players. This way, zones like Thalumbra, Veeshan’s Peak, etc. would be automatically shifted in hue. As it is, some of these highly saturated zones are practically unnavigable for certain players. There are some third party DirectX filters, but an in-game feature would be preferable.

Eq2wire profiles

eq2wire profiles