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It is remarkable, however, that in mice, N
2 O blocks amphetamine -induced carrier-mediated dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens and behavioural sensitisation , abolishes the conditioned place preference (CPP) of cocaine and morphine , and does not produce reinforcing (or aversive) effects of its own. [57] [58] Effects of CPP of N
2 O in rats are mixed, consisting of reinforcement, aversion, and no change. [59] In contrast, it is a positive reinforcer in squirrel monkeys, [60] and is well known as a drug of abuse in humans. [61] These discrepancies in response to N
2 O may reflect species variation or methodological differences. [58] In human clinical studies, N
2 O was found to produce mixed responses, similarly to rats, reflecting high subjective individual variability. [62] [63]

Equipoise dental lab

equipoise dental lab


equipoise dental labequipoise dental labequipoise dental labequipoise dental labequipoise dental lab