Equipoise motivational interviewing

I. Visualizing clearly our three inner channels, we inhale through our right nostril imagining that the pure essences of the five elements, positive and healing energies and all the holy beings’ blessings enter our right channel in the form of white light. This white light absorbs into the subtle wind energy at our heart. We now block the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril in three short breaths, imagining that all our sicknesses, polluted elemental winds, inner demons and interferences, relating to the left side of the body, are expelled in the aspect of polluted black smoke.

Through the force of hearing the conqueror’s name,
Expressing it, remembering, prostrating, and offering,
May each and every sentient being such as ourselves
All become, like you, graced with marks and signs.
May the light dispelling darkness, the enjoyment of wisdom, and skillful means be inexhaustible.
May those attracted to mistaken and lesser paths enter Mahayana paths,
And all be beautified by their vows.
May we be free from pain caused by immorality,
Be complete in faculties and without disease, and have abundant goods.
May those disillusioned with the weakest conditions always have powerful faculties,
And may we be freed from Mara’s noose and perverse viewpoints.
May those tormented by kings gain bliss, and those who,
Out of hunger, support themselves through negativity
Be satisfied with food received in accordance with the Dharma.
May hardships of heat and cold be pacified and all good wishes be fulfilled.
Endowed with morality that pleases the aryas, may we be liberated.
And when we pass away from this life,
May we be born from a lotus in that Buddha-field, qualities complete,
Become a vessel for transmitting the teachings of conquerors such as Medicine Guru, King of Doctors,
And cause them delight.

" four basic behaviors found in extreme form in [dysfunctional] cults: compliance with the group, dependence on a leader, devaluing the outsider, and avoiding dissent . These behaviors are not distinct and independent but interrelated. In my view, they arise in part from what I refer to as the dependency dream , the regressive wish for security that uses the family as a model, creating an authoritarian leadership structure (the parent) and a close-knit, exclusive group (the children)...." (Arthur Deikman, The Wrong Way Home: Uncovering the Patterns of Cult Behavior in American Society , Beacon, 1990/1994, p. 48.)

Equipoise motivational interviewing

equipoise motivational interviewing


equipoise motivational interviewingequipoise motivational interviewingequipoise motivational interviewingequipoise motivational interviewingequipoise motivational interviewing