Females taking testosterone

Likewise, the human growth hormone is often compared to steroids, which essentially increase the intensity of testosterone – the prominent male hormone. As a result of taking steroids women can experience horrible effects such as facial hair growth, deepening of the voice, reduction of breast size, irregular menstrual cycle, and many more. This is not the case with HGH for women . With natural supplements of the human growth hormone the woman’s body simply gets more of the amino acids that have a positive impact on the physiological and physical condition of the woman.

Respected Sir
My brothers wife is admitted from last fifteen days she is pregenent of 5months and at present she had pain in back that travels to stomach and seems as labour pain she is having twins in her stomach her case is moving towards abortion or miscarriage may happen so I wNt to ask you that sepia 200 is safe medicine at this stage alopatic maidicine is also given daily but pain come again again and some blody spot on pads as well as some pale liquid also came I want to know can we gave sepia 200 in this case .
Plz help me

Females taking testosterone

females taking testosterone


females taking testosteronefemales taking testosteronefemales taking testosteronefemales taking testosteronefemales taking testosterone