Festool ps 300 eq stichsage

With 720 watts, the PS 300 can power through thick materials of wood, metal or plastic all while producing fast and accurate cuts. The barrel grip provides low vibration and accuracy even when you have the tighest curves to cut or sand. Low vibration improves controllability for superior cutting performance. You're working more efficiently because the tool is doing the work. 3-point blade guidance delivers perpendicular, bandsaw-quality cuts, even in thick stock. This guidance system is time and money-saving because it keeps the blade from deflecting, resulting in no re-cutting or sanding work. The zero-clearance insert, which ensures splinter-free cutting, eliminates rework and costly waste. Providing a cleaner work area, the dust extractor port and chip deflector work together to collect up to 99% of the dust particles. The carbide guidance system, zero-clearance splinterguard, and dust extraction capabilities are three good reasons why this is a pertinent power tool. Festool offers a comprehensive three-year limited warranty and ensures the highest level of quality for all of their power tools.

This is a remodeling project taken on by a DIY homeowner and shared with us from our Dayton Woodcraft store.  Although this may not be their “forever” home, Jane & Eugene are sprucing up every room in the house for that future sale.  Knowing that, this couple finds ways to keep within their budget while giving their home that special touch on a classy high-end level.  We begin in the kitchen with a before shot revealing a much needed makeover.  From what Jane calls her “disco bowling alley” kitchen with it’s old style counter tops, pictured next to the finished product complete with butcher block counter tops, we’ll show you how they did it, specifically the counter tops.

Festool ps 300 eq stichsage

festool ps 300 eq stichsage


festool ps 300 eq stichsagefestool ps 300 eq stichsagefestool ps 300 eq stichsagefestool ps 300 eq stichsagefestool ps 300 eq stichsage