Gemini eq 300

The PS-626EFX provides a host of flexible inputs and outputs for total connecting convenience. The Master RCA output allows you to connect your main amplifier, while the REC output jacks can be used to connect a recording device, giving you the ability to record your set. The mixer also boasts ¼-inch microphone and headphone jacks, along with two convertible Phono/Line RCA inputs. For even greater convenience, the PS-626EFX comes with a cable for connecting your iPod or other portable media player, offering even more flexibility for incorporating songs into your set.

For the evaluation of the Week 6 endpoints, 374 patients were randomised in a double-blind fashion (3:2) to receive vedolizumab 300 mg or placebo at Week 0 and Week 2. Primary endpoint was the proportion of patients with clinical response (defined as reduction in complete Mayo score of ≥3 points and ≥30% from baseline with an accompanying decrease in rectal bleeding subscore of ≥1 point or absolute rectal bleeding subscore of ≤1 point) at Week 6. Table 2 shows the results from the primary and secondary endpoints evaluated.

Gemini eq 300

gemini eq 300


gemini eq 300gemini eq 300gemini eq 300gemini eq 300gemini eq 300