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@ Dr S
Pointing you in the direction of a reference will be difficult since FMCSA removed their guideline some 27 months ago for site updates.
So it really becomes your call based on any and all available documentation from the driver’s primary doctor.
Even though suboxone is used for a methadone replacement, it is also used as a pain reliever. So you want to contact the primary doctor, or have a medical release form from the doctor explaining the drivers need, usage and length of time using this medication. Do the same thing for the Xanax.
In the end it will be your call on whether the driver should or should not be driving based on all of the available documentation presented to you via the driver. Is he safe to drive and is he fit for duty? – That is the final decision you have to make. And it is the driver’s responsibility to provide the information to your office.

Yes, I see your point, that labels can be used against a person.
Wait to be jumped on by certain people on this forum who object to the very concept of a person actually being “mad.” I do believe that psychotherapy can in theory help someone with psychosis, but unfortunately I have yet to find the person who could actually achieve that with my husband. He “got out” of madness with short-term meds (only short-term because of my insistence – of course the “doctors” said he needs them for life). The extreme fear – I’m impressed that you worked through that yourself. In our case, it didn’t look like there was any chance of that happening. It wasn’t a negative preoccupation – it was literal terror of being killed at any minute. And this wasn’t just after coming off meds, but about 2 years after coming off. I wish I had some good answers instead of short-term poison.

If the doctors were sensitive or thoughtful enough to even consider the impact they were having on the family, none of this would happen. The kind of extreme bullying behavior and rank dishonesty the author experienced is not reflective of a lack of understanding, but of a lack of empathy and a desire and need to be “right” at all costs and to punish anyone challenging her authority. He was very fortunate, indeed, to have landed with a sane psychiatrist who recognized the difference between normal teen angst and an actual medical condition. I’d estimate that 90% of psychiatrists would have backed the family doctor to the hilt.

Haldol i.m depot

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