Heil eq 300

M88 WAS, a great mic, until Beyer “improved” it, now, if you use a new model on kick drum, the SPL WILL kill it.
I’ve been looking for a while for the ideal Kick drum Mic, Ive tried the D6’s and all the various egg shaped mics
Always, I try to find a mic that needs the least EQing, currently I am using a Beta 91A (new model, Full XLR connection) inside the drum, and a Blue Encore 300, condenser outside the hole.
Run up each mic individually and move them forward and backwards until they have the parts of the sound you are looking for then blend them too achieve the magic, but I still need to EQ, usually removing a lump in the 125 to200 Hz region.
The way they usually end up is with the beta 91 about the middle of the kick drum, inside and the Encore 300 just outside the hole(i usually start with the line of the mic head, lined up with the skin, and usually move it out, rarely more than 2 inches fully out of the line of the skin)
This gives me the detail, and click from the 91, with a bit of tight thud, and still gives me a bit of ‘weight’ to to the tone from the Blue Mic, without too much overhang.
I al;so have anm Audix adx 60, I am starting to experiment with, not much body to the sound, but, when inside close to the batter head, gives an almost perfect modern metal sound straight out of the box, (no EQ !)

Heil eq 300

heil eq 300


heil eq 300heil eq 300heil eq 300heil eq 300heil eq 300