How to treat testosterone deficiency

Low testosterone levels can cause a variety of male health problems, including depression, low libido, fatigue and unsightly weight gain. While many men try to increase testosterone through costly testosterone injections and other androgen supplements, few realize that in many cases their homone imbalances can be restored naturally. If you suffer from low testosterone levels, here are some effective ways you may be able to increase your levels. Do not start any diet, supplement or exercise program before consulting with a health professional. If you suspect your hormones are out of balance, get your doctor's advice.

Testosterone is the sex hormone par excellence for men. Segregation occurs through the testes and it depends on one's sexual maturation and appetite. It is a steroid hormone type, influencing the formation of muscles, body mass and bone strength. Often it is believed that it is a hormone that is only present in men, although women are supposed to have some in the ovaries to a lesser extent. Excess testosterone can lead to increased aggressiveness, while a shortage of this hormone has various symptoms , such as loss of sexual appetite and as a result the lack of an erection, and loss of body hair and musculature. In this article we will explain how to treat low testosterone .

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How to treat testosterone deficiency

how to treat testosterone deficiency


how to treat testosterone deficiencyhow to treat testosterone deficiencyhow to treat testosterone deficiencyhow to treat testosterone deficiencyhow to treat testosterone deficiency