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Got a mini me? We have awesome designs for your spawn! While not all our shirts are appropriate for the wee ones (yes, we do have some morals), plenty are. Bodily functions are always good for a laugh and who can resist a little ankle-biter wearing an "I Pooped Today!" shirt. Makes you want to squeeze 'em. Don't have the most well-behaved kid on the block? Do society a favor and give us all a warning. No one wants to be stuck in a long grocery-store line next to a kid wearing "Ask Me About My Ability to Annoy Complete Strangers" or "I Should Come with a Warning Label" shirt. And your kid is sure to win over enemies (think all those humorless grade-school teachers) with this shirt that highlights some of his top-notch vocabulary skills: "Immature: A Word Boring People Use to Describe Fun People." We have youth sizes from small to extra large, so get'em suited up!  We also have a friend here: 

When you to apply this analogy to Ariba, you need enhance your story a bit. Picture a small shop owner located in a quaint village who sells products that ARE NOT BENEFITED BY FOOT TRAFFIC. He likes is little shop. Then a VERY LARGE buyer grabs the small shop owner by his collar, drags him against his will into the shopping mall, and throws him into a cramped dingy storefront. Then he is required to pay fees. He notes that NONE of the other shoppers in the mall EVER visit this shop. He still has to keep his shop in the village though because that’s how ALL OF HIS OTHER CLIENTS buy his service. The shop owner is sad because driving back and forth between his shops is a pain in the *** and it wastes his time. He has also started to gain weight because the mall food is high in calories. Ariba is bad, and fattening. The End.

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