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LET'S LOOK DEEPER Some facts in Millions Men on TRT 14 Men with Low T 14 Men on Statins 15 On Antidepressants There's More To A Man Than Testosterone Many men think it’s all about testosterone levels and we are here to show you otherwise. Find out what your testosterone replacement therapy program is missing.

  • Prescribed HCG If you’re on testosterone therapy you don’t need HCG right? IMT and our clients would disagree. HCG is a staple in our protocol and helps to avoid the suppression or reduction in the HPTA process, and the hormones that are produced by that process. If I were to tell you let’s take the alternator out of your car and we will just keep the engine on the whole time don’t worry about it, would that worry you? It should because it’s not likely that will be good for your car long term.
  • Estradiol Management Most men and their doctors overlook estrogen and the importance it has in the male body, but with an alarming amount of research on it it’s time to start taking your estrogen, and more importantly your estradiol much more seriously. Below you will learn about the benefits and negatives of this hormone and how it relates to men along with what IMT does to make sure your covered. We got your back! Even though androgens are the major sex steroids in men, their primacy in regulating the male skeletal remodeling system has been increasingly in question.
  • Growth Hormone IMT’s advanced regenerative peptide therapies will stimulate your natural growth hormone levels bringing them back to the reparative levels you had in your youth. These hexapeptides are the breakthrough in growth hormone optimization because they are safer and more effective than traditional recombinant growth hormone. Stimulating your natural growth hormone levels while on testosterone can have massive benefits. A study published in 2012 followed 3 groups of men.

    "I'm 53 years old and my passion is surfing the oceans worldwide – big waves. Since taking Andro400, I'm now down to my ideal weight – from 185 to 175 now which is probably a net 15 pound loss, taking into account that the increased muscle I have now is heavier than the fat it replaced. My energy level is up. I feel strong and more physically fit in general. Also, from surfing I have been injured many times – for example I've broken my neck and pelvis among other things. Taking Andro400, I have much less pain overall – and I've been able to take less pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs .”
    -- Marc Magana, San Marcos, CA

    6. Eat a serving of good fat. As you fat intake goes up, so do your T levels. Aim to get at least 30% of your calories from fat today and spread your consumption of it throughout the day. Monosaturated fats-the kind found in nuts, fish, olives, olive oil, seeds, and avocados-are particularly beneficial to your testosterone level (and your health). ((http:///cgi/content/abstract/82/1/49)) Also, don’t be afraid of saturated fat; that whole business about it raising your cholesterol and causing heart disease is a bunch of rubbish. ((http:///cda/?site=MensHealth&channel=health&category=&conitem=a03ddd2eaab85110VgnVCM10000013281eac____))

    Increase testosterone

    increase testosterone


    increase testosteroneincrease testosteroneincrease testosteroneincrease testosteroneincrease testosterone