Low t therapy

Testosterone therapy has the ability to restore men with Low T to the vital, younger feeling men they remember. With the advancement in treatment options and understanding, the inevitable side effects of growing older no longer apply. A simple blood test and a medical history will indicate if Low T is the cause of your symptoms. From there, our medical staffwill evaluate your options and prescribe the treatment option best suited to you, your goals, and your lifestyle.

To learn more about Low T and testosterone therapy please contact the friendly staff at Livanta Medical Center today. Our professionals are dedicated to providing you with the best possible care, returning your testosterone levels to normal, and helping you achieve your health goals through healthy lifestyle habits.

Nenoff et al (2014) noted that since 2010 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved laser systems as capable of producing a "temporary increase in clear nails" in patients with onychomycosis.  Fungal eradication is probably mediated by heat in infrared laser systems; their efficacy has been confirmed thermographically, histologically and in electron microscopy.  Another approach to decontaminate the nail organ is to disrupt fungi and spores by q-switched pulse applications.  Recently specific combinations of wavelengths have been tested for their ability to disrupt the mitochondrial transmembrane potential at physiological temperatures by generating ATP and ROS.  While clinically extremely high clearance rates of approximately to % have been reported, in-vitro investigations have failed to confirm the clearance.  The variety of systems and advised parameters hampers a systematic evaluation.  Recommendations for safe and practical treatment protocols, informed consent items, and combination with conventional treatment options are all areas of active work.  The authors concluded that currently there is a lack of data concerning the long-term efficacy of laser therapy of onychomycosis; certified treatment protocols are needed.

Low t therapy

low t therapy


low t therapylow t therapylow t therapylow t therapylow t therapy