Low testosterone age

Hello! I’m a 33-year-old man. I’m 170 centimeters tall and 75 kilos. Bodybuilding has been my passion for four years but I never used anabolic steroids. During the past two years, I noticed a lower libido and went to test my hormones. Here are my results: luteinizing hormone – mg/ml, estradiol – 101 pmol/l, testosterone – nmol/l, prolactin – 154 mg /l. I was prescribed 50mg Clomid for two months and as a result, my luteinizing hormone was up to 13 mU/l, and testosterone to 36 nmol/l. After completing a course of treatment with Clomid, my testosterone has stayed at 25 nmol/l with luteinizing hormone at MU/ml. I finally enjoy a high libido again and I‘m in great shape.

If you think you may have Low T symptoms or are suffering from Andropause (Hypogonadism), don't hesitate to contact a Hormone Therapy Physician at one of our male hormone replacement clinics today. You can get tested for Low T with a fast, easy lab test and start treatment right away with a prescription. Find a Testosterone Doctor & Clinics for hormone testing, diagnoses and treatment. Our Testosterone Therapy Doctors , Urologists and Endocrine Physicians have successfully treated over 18,000 patients. Our Testosterone Therapy Centers utilize the most progressive hormone treatment protocols backed up with training from the Mayo Clinic® and Cleveland Clinic®. Fill out the Quick Info Request Form to speak to a Testosterone Specialist and to receive the best pricing for Testosterone Injections and other hormone replacement medications like HCG and HGH Human Growth Hormone.

If my testosterone is low, will I have to take the Testosterone Replacement Therapy forever? Medical studies conclude that it is safe and effective to stay on a TRT program for 20+ years. As long as a patient is monitored every 6-12 months and remains in a normal human testosterone range, there is no need to ‘cycle’ off of testosterone replacement. Should you decide to stop the program, your body will go back to producing those levels it produced prior to therapy (less the natural 1 to 3% testosterone degradation for each of those years and for each year to follow).

Low testosterone age

low testosterone age


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