Male testosterone supplements gnc

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Side-effects are not expected because testosterone therapy aims to bring a man’s testosterone levels back to normal. However, testosterone therapy can increase the growth of the prostate gland which can make the symptoms of benign prostate enlargement (such as needing to urinate more often) worse. In the case of prostate cancer, testosterone therapy is not used because of concerns that it can make the tumour grow. Too high a dose of testosterone can lead to acne, weight gain, gynaecomastia (breast development), male-pattern hair loss and changes in mood. Any side-effects should be managed by a doctor and the testosterone dose lowered.

As you get older, your testosterone levels go down, especially after you turn thirty. In fact, after the age of thirty, testosterone levels are shown to drop two to four percent per year! So if you find yourself being of a certain age, there’s a good chance that you have sub optimal levels. What Male Onyx proposes to do is provide you with more testosterone. Rather than pumping you full of chemical and synthetic ingredients that could have adverse effects on you, Male Onyx simply works to incorporate your body’s natural process. This is exactly why Male Onyx is at the top of it’s game. Because it believes that the best business model is quality.

Male testosterone supplements gnc

male testosterone supplements gnc


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