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Earlier that day, 1,000 London dockers had gone on strike in protest of Powell's sacking and marched from the East End to the Palace of Westminster carrying placards with sayings such as "we want Enoch Powell!", "Enoch here, Enoch there, we want Enoch everywhere", "Don't knock Enoch" and "Back Britain, not Black Britain". Three hundred of them went into the palace, 100 to lobby the MP for Stepney , Peter Shore , and 200 to lobby the MP for Poplar , Ian Mikardo . Shore and Mikardo were shouted down and some dockers kicked Mikardo. Lady Gaitskell shouted: "You will have your remedy at the next election." The dockers replied: "We won't forget." [22] The organiser of the strike, Harry Pearman, headed a delegation to meet Powell and said after: "I have just met Enoch Powell and it made me feel proud to be an Englishman. He told me that he felt that if this matter was swept under the rug he would lift the rug and do the same again. We are representatives of the working man. We are not racialists." [23]

There is a part that is always missed though and as any Spurs who attended the game at the Etihad will attest the surrounding areas of the stadium are unrecognisable to what was the old industrial heartland of East Manchester. The amount spent on infrastructure for the community is astonishing, there is a new 6th form college, a new recreation centre, a sports science institute and there is affordable housing to follow. The campus is also home to other sports such as UK cycling, squash, taek kwan do, tennis and we have a purpose built stadium for our womens team that is fabulous. The training facilities are world class and even has individual player bedrooms on site. This has all been done by employing local people and local firms where possible and it has transformed that part of our City and there is more to come.

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