Pill for low testosterone

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I just found all all of my hormones are low. My doctor was most concerned with my testosterone being at 4. My estradiol was , FSH at , and my progesterone was . I’m on birth control currently so it is weird that my estrogen and progesterone are still low. I have at least two periods each month with usually other spotting and bleeding in between. I have a lot of symptoms of low T, but I am not sure what would be causing low hormones considering I am 29 and should not be nearing menopause. She wants me to supplement progesterone and testosterone. I just would like to know potential underlying reasons since it isn’t due to an estrogen dominance. She said typically if you have a lower estradiol your FSH is high or vice versa, but both of mine were low.

I’d bet that watching sports decreases a man’s T over the long term. We see guys getting really amped up at games and in front of the television, yelling and so forth. Sometimes, a fight breaks out. There seems to be an increase in T, or at least aggression. But such things are momentary. What are the long term effects? The very act of watching another man compete is beta behavior. Really, the spectator might as well be a cheerleader. There must be a signal to the spectator’s brain that the athlete, whom he is watching, is bigger, faster, stronger, and, in the case of professional sports, richer. Also, the athlete probably beds more women. A game is basically a three-hour promotion to the spectator that he is a beta male. And the more exposure, the deeper the conditioning. We all know what the hook is: When the spectator’s team wins, he feels that he himself has won. Winning boosts T. So the spectator feels a rush. He’s happy, invigorated. But the victory is vicariously-lived. For that reason it is short-lived. So the spectator craves more. And more. And more. Before long, he’s a raging idiot who dresses up in costumes, the so-called 12th man. And when “his team” loses, well, it’s just an utter catastrophe, a complete emotional collapse with the attendant spectrum of rage and shame. I think watching sports is like a drug. Its boosts T for a short period of time by tricking the brain. The long term effects however are very unhealthy. Not only is it complete brain-cuck, it leads to a passive, sedentary lifestyle of overeating and excessive drinking, thereby further lowering T.

Pill for low testosterone

pill for low testosterone


pill for low testosteronepill for low testosteronepill for low testosteronepill for low testosteronepill for low testosterone