Prolixin decanoate teaching

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Appropriate dosage of Prolixin Decanoate (Fluphenazine Decanoate Injection) should be individualized for each patient and responses carefully monitored. No precise formula can be given to convert to use of Prolixin Decanoate; however, a controlled multicentered study,* in patients receiving oral doses from 5 to 60 mg fluphenazine hydrochloride daily, showed that 20 mg fluphenazine hydrochloride daily was equivalent to 25 mg (1 mL) Prolixin Decanoate every three weeks. This represents an approximate conversion ratio of mL ( mg) of decanoate every three weeks for every 10 mg of fluphenazine hydrochloride daily.

Fluphenazine came into use in 1959. [6] The injectable form is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines , the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system . [7] It is available as a generic medication . [1] In the United States the tablets costs between and USD per day for a typical dose. [1] The wholesale cost in the developing world of the long acting form is between and USD per injection as of 2014. [8] It was discontinued in Australia around mid 2017. [9]

Prolixin decanoate teaching

prolixin decanoate teaching


prolixin decanoate teachingprolixin decanoate teachingprolixin decanoate teachingprolixin decanoate teachingprolixin decanoate teaching