Signs that you have low testosterone

It was the fact that my friend was laid off and another impolitely fired (along with being angry at my spouse for not employing me on a project) that led me to write, direct, produce and do the art and set decoration for "Pink Slip" - Part 1 - Suzie, a new webisode now on youtube. The link on youtube for Pink Slip is http:///watch?v=plG3WOzL6Zs . There was nothing in my work experience that would lead me to think that I could do such a thing, but then if I look back my webisode actually combines every aspect of myself. All I'm saying is that although these are depressing times, take a few minutes from your job search and watch Pink Slip - Part 1 - Suzie. Maybe you will laugh if only for a few minutes. Part 2 which comes out in November is actually hysterically funny, as our hero Max's depression takes an unexpected turn. Have fun and don't give up hope.

The white feathers!! I have been asking my psychic friend for guidance and she felt a strong pull towards a guy I work with (she is in USA, I’m in UK) and she pictured this guy and had a dream of his name on a baby blue cake, a week prior to the reading. When I did show her a photo of him, she said she couldn’t stop smiling and she saw us together holding hands, etc…..everytme I think of him as i walk along the path to work (he doesn’t work there every day) but when I am working withhim I see a row of whit feathers going up to the main door. I also asked my grandparents to give me a sign when at their grave, I stood and saw 2 graves virtually opposite theirs, one with his first name on and the one next to it had his middle name on. I’ve never ever noticed these graves even though they have been their the whole time. They were also there, the same year he moved to the UK. Is that a sign too?? I smelt his aftershave the other day when he wasn’t even there, would that be a sign too??
I have also noticed when he’s not there, one song comes on the radio – La Isla Bonita (the song has a line in it – Spanish lullaby)….this guy is Spanish too – I hadn’t heard the song for years until I started having feelings for him.

i’m shy and a socially awkward person. and i just came to an European country and i’m gonna live there for about 3 years and as i’m not a native English speaker and my English is kinda.. well, not up to their level, i find it incredibly awkward to mingle with them, and everytime i involve in a conversation with the locals, i just can’t think straight, mess up my grammars and pronounciation, and what’s more i just can’t project my voice like i used to when i’m talking to my friends who are of the same race as me. i just can’t find a way to overcome the inferior feelings, the anxiety that i have when talking to them. i also have a low self-confidence and this does not only happen when i’m with the locals but also with my friends. even my friends and relatives refer me as an introvert and a shy person and people will usually pity me and i really hate them and myself for that. 🙁

Signs that you have low testosterone

signs that you have low testosterone


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