Test and equipoise review

Today the use of digital technology can make this duplication much easier. The restorative dentist goes through the exact same process of making a final impression and creating properly contoured provisional restorations as well as making an impression of the provisional restoration. The laboratory will then scan the master model as well as the approved provisional model. The lab will then “marry” the images so that they can see the exact three dimensional contours over the digital master cast (Figures 16-17). These restorations can then be virtually designed, ensuring from the centric stop to the incisal edge position that the critical contours are duplicated (Figure 18). It should be noted that if doctors are using one of the digital impression scanning systems, the final impression and the approved provisional can be easily scanned. This will save a step in the dental laboratory.
 From this point the laboratory can either mill the copings, or use a 3D printer. In this case the copings were printed (Figure 19). This facilitated the utilization of a micro cutback technique on the facial to enhance the esthetic result. The resin copings were then invested, and the crowns were pressed using the IPS all ceramic system.

I shared this protocol in the forums i frequent as food for thought and feed back . Boy did i ever get lit up by people saying this cycle is stupid , makes no fucking sense and is complicated for a first time cycle . They say why use letrozole when you don’t know how his E2 levels will react , why use this much test , why start with a long ester then go to a short one , why have both , they said the letro dose is way too strong and will crash the e2 levels and also that its almost impossible to break a pill into that dose also . What are your thoughts on this? you didn’t go into enough depth on why this cycles set up this way , why using letro over something else ? since there is no protocol listed for an alternative and also why using the esters the way you set them up and why front loading with a long ester that apparently wont even kick in for like 4 weeks or more .

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Test and equipoise review

test and equipoise review


test and equipoise reviewtest and equipoise reviewtest and equipoise reviewtest and equipoise reviewtest and equipoise review