Testosterone and hcg therapy

Phase 3: REST! By far everyone’s favorite period of the HCG diet plan (and honestly one of the most critical as well). Caloric intake is returned to between 1200-1500/day, but the low fat and no milk portions of the diet remain to keep the body free of external unnatural hormones. This phase is initiated after about 43-60 days dependent upon the regimen followed. During this particular phase, HCG intake is halted, and a new diet plan called the “stability phase” is activated. HCG must be flushed from the body for a period no shorter than 23 days, before beginning a new regimen. This is necessary for your body to keep shedding weight and not simply adapt to the HCG intake, either from HCG drops or otherwise. Maintenance is another term often used for Phase 3, but it really doesn’t matter what it is called, Phase 3 is probably the most critical phase for people who are interested in losing over 30 lbs, since multiple HCG regimens are necessary. There are specific phase 3 foods that go well with it, but just avoid dairy and high fat foods and you will do well in this phase and be ready to start again. Some people actually continue to lose weight during Phase 3! Not surprisingly they come back into their HCG diet plan after 23 days even happier than when they left!

Testicular shrinkage is a known side effect of TRT for the reasons discussed above.  HCG can help maintain testicular size in patients receiving TRT as it has a direct stimulatory effect on the testes.  As previously mentioned, suppression of LH by TRT makes the Leydig cells in the testes dormant due to lack of hormonal stimulation by the brain.  HCG will help maintain both size and function by mimicking LH.  Its use therefore, may be simply seen as more of a cosmetic one in men who do not want to conceive and where fertility is not a consideration.  However, maintaining testicular size and function helps preserve libido and sexual function.  Testosterone is not the only androgen responsible for a healthy sex life.

hCG and Testosteone seem like an unlikely pairing but because hCG works to synthesize testosterone and maximize its effects on the body, it’s even more effective and efficient for men to use. The hCG diet is no exception. The diet consists of a calorie-restricted meal plan for a period of several weeks while incorporating hCG shots to achieve the desired benefits. Typically the diet either restricts you at consuming either 500 or 800 calories a day of specific foods. These approved fruits, vegetables, and proteins help maximize the effects of hCG on the body as the metabolism is fired into gear to burn fat, increase energy levels, and trigger hormones to increase muscle growth and re-construct the physique.

Testosterone and hcg therapy

testosterone and hcg therapy


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