Testosterone and health

Aerobic and anaerobic exercise in moderation have both been shown to increase levels of the hormone. Frequent exercise improves muscle mass and reduces fat tissue. Exercise helps to increase testosterone through a positive feedback loop, the hormone is essential for muscle growth and repair and is upregulated after a workout for recovery. Excess fat tissue converts testosterone into estrogen by producing aromatase and aldo-keto reductase 1C. Also, fat tissue affects the secretion of the hormone gonadotropin which interferes with proper testosterone production. Sunlight also increases testosterone by triggering luteinizing hormone production. Afternoon sunlight during the summer would also increase vitamin D production in the body which correlates with upregulation of the hormone until you reach 75–85 nmol/l of saturation. Vitamin D also helps to increase muscle mass, reduces liver inflammation, and sunlight exposure during the day improves sleep from proper serotonin production all which will enhance hormone production. Finally, LLLT (low level laser therapy) and red-light LED (light emitting diode) therapy when done correctly on the testicles have been shown to increase production of the hormone. 38 39 40

Hi Nick – I don’t know that your T would remain higher. Maybe it would, as you say, if you changed body comp a bit. I believe the reason that one study I cited used a measure of “ever use” of T supplementation was because it’s very difficult to compare treatments between patients: doses, duration, type of treatment all differ, as do baseline T levels, age, health conditions, etc. That said, I don’t see how one-time use can hurt. Assuming that all is well physically, after TRT or supplementation, your bosy should just resume normal production.

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Testosterone and health

testosterone and health


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