Testosterone depletion

The adrenal glands work in conjunction with hormones and neurotransmitters. When there is depletion or malfunctioning in one of these areas there is usually a problem in the other areas, so it is recommended to evaluate these levels as well. Adrenal glands need balanced hormones and neurotransmitters to function properly and neurotransmitters are also impacted by hormone levels and adrenal glands. It's a reciprocal relationship and to restore balance to one, all need to be addressed. It is absolutely critical to restore balance to GABA and dopamine, , when dealing with adrenal fatigue.

In patients suffering from chronic renal failure (a condition linked to significantly depleted zinc levels) mega-dosing with 250mg/day of zinc was – as to be expected – able to significantly increase serum zinc, testosterone, and LH levels . Another study consisting of 37 infertile-subjects had the men take an undisclosed amount of zinc for 6-months and noted that the men who had testosterone levels on the lower end (less than 480 ng/dL) noticed significant improvements in testosterone and DHT levels, whereas the men on the higher levels of testosterone (more than 480 ng/dL) noted no increases in testosterone, but still significant increases in DHT levels. On an even more positive note, Nine of the subjects were able to conceive a child during the study period.

9. Smoking .  We all know smoking is bad for you, but if you've never quit given them up, keep in mind that they will likely reduce your semen volume as well. One study looked at fertile men and grouped them into non, mild, medium and heavy smokers.  What is interesting is that hormone levels (testosterone, LH and FSH) as well sperm motility (mobility) and density did not differ significantly among the groups.  The one characteristic that did differ was semen volume, which decreased with increasing levels of smoking. [9]

Testosterone depletion

testosterone depletion


testosterone depletiontestosterone depletiontestosterone depletiontestosterone depletiontestosterone depletion