Testosterone patches or injections

However, in December 2004 the United States the 14-member Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee, plus voting consultants, for Reproductive Health Drugs unanimously rejected Procter and Gamble's fast-track request for Intrinsa citing concerns about off-label use . In Canada, post-menopausal women have been able to obtain government-approved testosterone treatment since 2002. In Australia, post-menopausal women can use Organon testosterone implants which have to be surgically inserted and last from three to six months. [3]

• Evaluate formulation-specific ad­verse effects at each visit:
- Intramuscular injections of testosterone enanthate and cypionate: Ask about fluctuations in mood or libido.
- Testosterone patches: Look for skin reaction at the application site.
- Testosterone gels: Advise patients to cover the application sites with a shirt and to wash the skin with soap and water before having skin-to-skin contact because testosterone gel leaves a residue on the skin that can be transferred to a woman or child who comes in close contact. Serum testosterone levels are main­tained when the site is washed 6 hours after applying the gel.

Mike, thanks for the research. I am 44 and never had a flat belly in my life. I have lifted on and off but am fairly regular since the last year. I am seeing gains but my belly is seeing gains too. I just started fasted cardio in mornings and increased my activity levels. What can I do to get a flat belly (forget a 6 pack). It seems no matter what i do my body fat is on the rise. My eating habits are OK. I used to eat lots of soy but have completely cut down on that. Should i try some T supp? or your fat burners? I feel i can get the muscle easily but the belly fat is so annoying. Oh never smoke and no alcohol for almost a year.

Testosterone patches or injections

testosterone patches or injections


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