What does testosterone do

I just saw this website in my search results, and it seems that there are legit replies to mens questions so I am giving it a try.
I have had my free/total test, tested a week ago,and my numbers are 317ng/dL (250-1100) for total, and /dL (35-155) for free.
I am 34, a competitive powerlifter with no anabolic use in 5 years, great bloodpressure, and around 16-18% bodyfat.
my primary seems to think I am low normal, while the urologist I just saw this morning says I am perfectly fine.
What brought me in was libido/morning erection issues.
All he would do is give me viagra (which I turned down)
How can he think I am normal when all I read everywhere is for my age my level is hundreds ng’s lower than normal, especially for my weightlifting/healthy lifestyle.
should I seek a second opinion? because I am having libido issues and it is stressing me out to a considerable degree.
thanks in advance!

It does work, however, I get pimples starting at about 3 weeks in to the regime. Could be because I am still a young lad. Who knows. I would not say they make the world of difference, but for me it is worth it. I would for you however, suggest just getting in shape first. (No offence intended) Get your training AND nutrition dialed if you feel you want that small edge, go for it. I personally just returned to the gym about few months ago. I waited until most of my initial strength gains slowed, and I also waited until I dropped a bunch of body fat. At high levels of BF, you will be seeing lower testosterone anyway… Why not get in shape first and maximize the benefits of all your training and nutrition

Great article, well written and god conclusions of collected data.
How ever I am still curious if creating a “shortage” of sperm and decrease of testosterone by cycles of repeated ejaculations during a short period of time, maybe during the course of hours followed by “rest-days” if that over time would provoke the body to produce more Testosterone and sperm in a response to “progressive overload”.
Since this is the way the body handles a lot other things that challenges it´s system with everything from resistance-training, “repeated skin-abrasion”, bacteria and even some toxins.

What does testosterone do

what does testosterone do


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