Why do i have high testosterone levels

(A little of my background: My first church experience began at about age eight and was at a church which strictly used hymnals. Given the fact I’m now 41, I’m guessing it’s a general commonality for those of my generation. Only one other church that I have attended since my childhood church has used strictly hymnals. One church used a mixture of hymnals and a screen, all the other churches we’ve gone to have all used large screens… it seems any hymnal use is now a rarity, at least from my vantage point, which I might also add is a rather short vantage point often making screens very difficult to see! I’ve been in a number of choirs, large and small and aside from congregational singing, the choral singing has provided me with the bulk of my musical knowledge and education.  I do enjoy rotating onto my church’s worship team a couple of times a month as a vocalist but I do not view myself as a bona-fide musician. In fact, I’m happily surprised they let me sing at all considering my lack of official training.)

A 2014 study by New York University scientists found that, oddly enough, we subconsciously associate high cheekbones with trustworthiness. This, despite the huge swathe of high-cheekboned villains in popular culture ( Mads Mikkelsen in Hannibal , take a bow with your gigantic cheek protuberances). The scientists showed a series of photographs to test subjects, at first long enough for them to consciously say their thoughts about what they thought this person was like, then for a period of milliseconds — far too short for any conscious thought to form. But the brain came to the same conclusions the second time, too. High cheekbones mean a trustworthy person, or at least our brains assume so.

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Why do i have high testosterone levels

why do i have high testosterone levels


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